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[04/2010] All over the news - I recently did 2 interviews - 1 for the Associated Press, and another for a local southern California newspaper group. I also did a photo shoot with another Tiger lookalike and it was fun. It's all over the internet, and maybe in print, too.

[04/2010] "Rock Before the Madness" (Indianapolis, IN) - I was invited to appear as "Tiger 2" at a rock concert, and it was a blast. There were guys that wanted a photo with me, but a lot of women wanted to pose with Tiger 2 - hmmm, I wonder why...

[03/2010] The Maury Show is on TODAY (03/18/10)!

[02/2010] Another video? - Here it is.

[02/2010] The Maury Show (Stamford, CT) - I'll be making an appearance on The Maury Show about celebrity lookalikes. Watch out for it on Thursday, March 18!

[01/2010] Michigan? I noticed that my website got a lot of hits from people in Michigan. Does anyone know why? If you know, please send me an e-mail because I'd like to know!

[12/2009] YouTube It is out on YouTube NOW! Click here to watch the video. Pass it along to everyone you know! Special thanks to Hot Butter Films for producing this video

[12/2009] TV Interview (Studio City, CA) - I was on The Insider on CBS. Here is the video. Niecy Nash did an interview with me, and it was aired on Wednesday, December 9. Thank you to Jonathan, Niecy, Tatiana, and everyone that I met and worked with - it was fun and I thought it turned out well. If they do a Tiger movie, I'd love to be in it!

[10/2009] 70th Birthday (Weston, MA) - Happy Birthday, Steve! An avid golfer and a big Tiger fan got a big surprise when I showed up at his birthday celebration.

[10/2009] 80th Birthday (Valley Center, CA) - A die-hard golfer turned 80, and I was there to help celebrate the big day. Happy Birthday, Don!

[08/2009] Movie - I was invited to play a small role in a comedy - I had a great time doing it, and it looks like it will be pretty funny! Maybe I should be doing more movies as a Tiger lookalike...more details to come. I actually met an actor on the set who shot a commercial with the real Tiger Woods - man, I wish that I could do that one day! You are very lucky, Dave! Do you hear that, Tiger? I would love to do a commercial with you some day - it would definitely be a dream come true.

[06/2009] Southern Auto Auction (East Windsor, CT) - I was asked to appear at the auction on a Wednesday (their auctions are every Wednesday). We had a putting challenge, and each participant had 2 tries to sink about a 10-foot putt. If anyone made it, they were given a Tiger Woods hat - if they missed, they got a consolation prize. Not bad - at least everyone won something! It was a very popular attraction, and I had to sign a few autographs. Special thanks to John, Lou Ann, and Jim!

[06/2009] 13th Annual Honda Golf Tournament (Southwick, MA) - This golf tournament was a joint venture with American Honda Finance and Southern Auto Auction. They asked me to appear at the tournament, and I posed for photos, signed autographs, and helped give out prizes to some lucky winners. It was nice meeting everyone - special thanks to John, Lou Ann, Jim, and Rachel!

[06/2009] A Time For Heroes Celebrity Picnic (Los Angeles, CA) - I brought my wife and daughter to attend this special event, but I was just there as myself, not as Tiger, although several people were coming up to me and asking me if anyone ever told me that I look like Tiger Woods. I was wearing a Nike hat and wearing Tiger's famous Sunday Red shirt in honor of him, because I knew he was several shots off the lead at the Memorial tournament, but I was hoping for another amazing Tiger comeback. I wore the Tiger gear to give him some "luck" and I found out that he WON! Another incredible performance from the best player in golf. People might disagree, but I am a HUGE Tiger fan and I know he will surpass Jack Nicklaus as the greatest player who ever played the game of golf. Tiger was simply born to play the game, and I am a firm believer of that. Go TIGER! Some highlights of today's picnic: having my wife and daughter pose for a picture with Selena Gomez (actress starring in The Wizards of Waverly Place for all of you who don't watch the Disney Channel). Selena was very nice, and was so good to my daughter - thank you, Selena! Watching Miley Cyrus perform a mini-concert was another highlight - my daughter loved it, and she can sing many of her songs. Here are some photos... Proceeds from the picnic go to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

[05/2009] The Reel Awards (Las Vegas, NV) - I bumped into an old lookalike friend, a George Bush lookalike, while walking over to The Flamingo hotel and casino for The Reel Awards, which is like the Academy Awards for lookalikes. While "George Bush" and I were walking over to The Flamingo, the people behind us said, "You should see how many people are turning their heads and seeing if it's the real Tiger Woods!" Then we told them about The Reel Awards... There were some really top-notch performances - I loved the Celine Dion impersonator - she sounded so much like her. I'll be back again next year, as long as my schedule allows it.

[03/2009] Interview with ESPN.com - Jason Sobel interviewed me as part of an article on Tiger Woods lookalikes, and I thought it was well written. Great job, Jason! Here is the article...

[02/2009] Interview with an international golf publication - More details to come, but everyone is anticipating Tiger's return to golf, so I was asked for a few comments about his absence and how it has affected me.

[01/2009] Fundraising event (Cherry Hill, NJ) - "Tiger 2" made an appearance at a fundraising event for the Cadbury Foundation. I was back in the state where I was born and raised - New Jersey!

[09/2008] A Golf Movie!!! (San Diego, CA) - I was offered a small role in a golf movie called Parfection - can't wait to see it - check out the website at thegolfmovie.com! Also check out the trailer here: YouTube - Parfection: The Golf Movie

[09/2008] Golf tournament (Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada) - I made an appearance at a golf tournament at a golf course named "Le Diable" or The Devil. I didn't get a chance to play there (because I was working), but it looked like a great course. Thank you to Dominique, Brizelle, and Melanie at Mini Martini; Rick and Chris (the videographers); Anthony (my bodyguard); Henri (my driver); and everyone else who I worked with that day!

[08/2008] KLM Open 2008 The KLM Dutch Open (Zandvoort, The Netherlands) - I made an appearance at the KLM Open in The Netherlands. There will be a lot more about this event coming soon... Thank you, Rudy, Robert, Franz, and everyone else who was on the team! Click here for to see a glimpse of my future KLM Open page - it's still a work in progress

[08/2008] Golf Digest meeting (Los Angeles, CA) - Golf Digest wanted "Tiger" to make a surprise appearance at a meeting, so I popped in... I also played the role of videographer and taped a brief rehearsal. Thanks, Kit!

[07/2008] Happy Birthday, John Newby! (Addison (Dallas), Texas) - Today we surprised Mr. Newby because it was his 40th birthday. He is an avid golfer who is also a big Tiger fan. Since the real Tiger was too busy, why not have someone who looks like Tiger there? So we joined the party, had a few friendly golf games, opened presents, and surprised a few people when we went to a nearby restaurant/bar for some drinks. Thank you, Dana, for coming up with the idea, and for being good company at lunch! The folks at Mullis Newby Hurst are a really fun group of people.

[07/2008] Longview Systems Golf Tournament (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) - I was asked to appear at a company golf tournament. We went around to have pictures taken with each foursome, and I also helped with some other contests like putting and chipping. You did a great job organizing everything, Lindsay! Thank you, Tiffany!

[05/2008] 102.7 KIIS FM (Los Angeles, CA) - "Jojo on the radio" asked if anyone had ever been on TV before. So I called in, described my TV appearances, and Jojo checked out my website while on the air... (Click here for the clip!)

[03/2008] almostGolf USC Open 2008 (Los Angeles, CA) - I played in the almostGolf USC Open 2008. The folks there call me almostTiger, and I made a couple of shots that were very Tiger-like...

[02/2008] NAIC Convention (Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines - San Diego, CA) - I was asked to appear at a dinner event that was complete with a putting contest as well as a golf simulator. I met a lot of nice people and they had fun with the golf-related activities.

[01/2008] PGA Merchandise Show (Orlando, FL) - I was asked to be a guest at the African American Golfer's Digest "Diversity Pavilion" and I signed a bunch of autographs, had photos taken, and met a lot of people. I also did a couple of interviews, including a taped one that should be appearing on GolfWeek.com soon...

[12/2007] Marriott Shadow Ridge - Demo Day (Palm Desert, CA) - I was asked to be at a demo day at the Marriott Shadow Ridge in Palm Desert. Many golf-related companies were there and they allowed people to test their golf equipment on the range. People wanted their photos taken with me...

[09/2007] OK - it's out! The September 17th issue of People magazine has a celebrity lookalikes pictorial...

[09/2007] People magazine just informed me that I am going to be in the next issue, but I don't have any details. I am looking forward to seeing it...

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The Maury ShowMaury had a show about celebrity lookalikes, and I was invited to be on the show. Special thanks to Alyson, Zach, Claudia, Paul, Guy, and everyone else who I met and worked with. It was a fun experience and the show turned out great! Thank you to my sister, my niece, and my parents, for driving up to Connecticut to watch the show!

TMZI heard from several people that I was on TMZ. I haven't seen it, but I'll take their word for it. It was probably a recent interview that was done at my home in California.

The InsiderThe Insider (CBS) did an interview with me as part of their coverage on the Tiger Woods scandal. It aired on Wednesday, December 9, and I thought they did a great job. It was fun to do, and I'm glad they didn't focus too much on the Tiger scandal - it was more about me and my resemblance to him, and if they ever did a movie about Tiger's life, then I might be an option. I'd love to be in a movie about Tiger. I have already shot 2 movies as a Tiger lookalike, but they were small roles. Maybe one day...

ESPNI was recently interviewed as part of an article about Tiger Woods lookalikes - it's on ESPN.com and I thought Jason Sobel did a great job. I am also waiting for a golf movie to come out (hopefully soon) where I played a small part at the end of the movie - it was my first golf movie, and I hope that one day they'll make another Tiger Woods movie and I can play a role in it. Tiger has some new clubs, so now I have some catching up to do - I really need a Nike connection so that I don't have to keep hunting for Tiger-related equipment and clothing. Do you hear that, Nike?

The September 17, 2007 issue of Peoplemagazine came out, and they had a celebrity lookalike pictorial. It's the issue with Halle Berry on the cover, and I believe the pictorial starts on page 140 - you can see me on page 142. Click on the magazine below to see it...

People magazine with Tiger Woods lookalike

On Friday, April 27th, 2007, Live with Regis and Kelly announced the winner of their Celebrity Look-Alikes Contest, and guess who won? There were nearly 10,000 entries! Did you see the show? If you did, sign my guestbook and let me know! If you missed it, you can WATCH THE VIDEO CLIPS HERE!

Live with Regis and KellyCelebrity Look-Alikes

It was totally unexpected - just being on the show on April 24th (Tuesday) was a really great experience for me. Here's a summary of what happened:

Tiger Woods lookalike with Kelly Ripa and the rest of the Tuesday lookalikes

This is my new and improved website - all of my old website content is still in the process of being moved, but you can click here to see it. There are more photos there, as well as additional information that will gradually get moved to this new format.

Tiger Woods impersonator

Tiger Woods lookalike Tiger Woods double

Tiger Woods double

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